The Art of Blake Henriksen

The Art of Blake Henriksen

Monday, June 2, 2014


Well as promised here's the second in my new set of Ninja Turtles Paintings: Michelangelo!

For those who are curious I decided to give Michelangelo Bruce Lee's classic "Game of Death" nunchukus because A: I love Bruce Lee and B: Dave Wilkins Art did it for one of his paintings of the Trutles and I thought it was such a clever idea I had to do it as well (Dave is one of my favorite artists after all and a major inspiration to me). If you read this Dave, thanks for all the inspiration and great art! You Rock!

Michelangelo and all his brothers will be making their debut this Thursday at the Phoenix Comic Con! So in honor of that I will be releasing one painting each day until then! So stay tuned as tomorrow night I'll have another Turtle to reveal. I wonder who it will be? :) Til tomorrow! TURTLE POWER!!!


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