The Art of Blake Henriksen

The Art of Blake Henriksen

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"The Dark Knight" and "The Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder" Photostudies

"The Dark Knight" - Another quick and dirty  study. This one was about 50 minutes, trying to push it so I could get it done even quicker. Hard as always to get the likeness in such a short time but workin on it. Practice, practice, practice!

"The Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder" - Another "Dark Knight" study lol :) Well not really the Dark Knight were used to seeing, but the classic Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder of the 1960's!

I had fun with this one because of the campy nature of it, as well as all of the different colors in the palette. Also, this was a chance for me to really play around with texture brushes. I'm a big fan of very painterly, impressionistic work so this was a time for me to try and capture the mood without getting too caught up in details.

It's also a good exercise because I want to see how "painterly" I can be and still sell the idea without having to focus so much on the detail. Since it's personal work I can experiment and not be bogged down by what an art director thinks my style is supposed to look like. There's a lot of freedom in doing exercises like this :)

Finally, if you're curious, this was done in Photoshop CS4 and took 1hr and 30 mins. Thanks and enjoy your Sunday!

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