The Art of Blake Henriksen

The Art of Blake Henriksen

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1. Orc Marauder: This is a pic that I've been working on over the past few days, done for a   demonstration on digital painting at The Art Institute of Colorado. Anyways here's the final version, enjoy!

15 Hours in Total in Photoshop CS4.

Copyright Blake Henriksen
 2. Noras Fighter: Here's an illustration that I completed back in August (2010) for EverdreamSoft and their collectible trading card game "Moonga".
From thumbnails to final product about 14 hours. Completed entirely in Photoshop.

Copyright EverdreamSoft 2010

4. Myrmidon's Aura: My second illustration for Sony Online Entertainment and the 11th Set of Legends of Norrath TCG.

Copyright Sony Online Entertainment
5. Big Tony and Roxy: Putting my little Rockabilly couple together to show that I can do cute and not just serious ;)

Copyright Blake Henriksen 2010
6: Santa Walk Cycle: Here's my individual drawings of my Santa Claus Walk Cycle. Done in hopes of getting an internship. Created in Flash. Hope you enjoy!

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