The Art of Blake Henriksen

The Art of Blake Henriksen

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TMNT vs Zombies Page 1

So here's a little something that's been taking up my time for the past two days. It's a homework assignment for my story boarding class, which obviously is a comic book page. I figured what would be cooler than to mix TMNT and Zombies! So I'm gonna color it up (thing Joe Madureira and Christian Lichtners style on the 3rd volume of Ultimates), and then add some word balloons and what not. Hopefully I'll be able to do 2 pages but we'll see; I'm outta town for Thanksgiving so sadly I won't have access to Photoshop :( Anyways, It's kinda weird to be drawing with a pencil again, I'm usually all digital now, but it's nostaligic. It reminds me of when all I wanted to be was a comic artist ;) We'll I'll have the color posted up next week!

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